Acne Care

Agnes Laser: A Comprehensive Solution

- Targets sebaceous glands with precision
- Addresses acne, comedones, blackheads, syringoma, wrinkles, eye-bags, chin fat pads, and provides lower face tightening

Procedure Specifics

- Most treatments require only a topical anesthetic
- For active acne, additional sessions may be required within 24 to 48 hours
- Utilizes insulated needles to protect surrounding skin
- There is no downtime for acne treatments

Recovery Expectations

- For deeper treatments like eye-bags and wrinkles, recovery could extend to 6-7 days depending on the individual
- Individual recovery times may vary, and residual symptoms may last up to 7 days
- Second treatment is in 4 weeks

Visible Results

- Initial appearance may seem 'worse'
- True benefits appear over months as collagen is produced and skin remodels
- Results timeline varies by treatment type, ranging from weeks to months
- Eye bag laser treatment shows results a month after undergoing the procedure three times

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