The Cutera Excel V Cool View Laser: An Overview

The Cool View laser is designed to reduce or lighten vascular and pigmented lesions. It employs a laser or pulsed light device to coagulate vessels or vascular lesions and target pigmented lesions, age spots, and sun spots through melanin absorption. While the results vary based on the client's condition, several treatments might be necessary for optimal results. Despite their general effectiveness, results can't be guaranteed.

Potential side effects include:

- Discomfort during the procedure
- Temporary redness, swelling, or bruising in the treated area
- Changes in skin color, with the treated area potentially becoming lighter or darker. These changes are usually temporary, but permanent changes can occur in rare cases
- Wound formation like burning, blistering, or bleeding. Contact our office for assistance if these occur
- Rare chance of burns and infections. Proper wound care should prevent infections
- Scarring, though rare, can occur if the skin's surface is disrupted. Following post-treatment instructions can minimize this risk
- Severe and permanent eye damage if protective eyewear is not used during treatment

It's also crucial to understand:

1. The potential benefits of the procedure, noting that it may not work for everyone
2. Alternatives to the procedure, such as sclerotherapy or surgery
3. Expected health consequences if the procedure isn't performed
4. Possible complications and risks associated with the procedure and healing period.

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