Lifting Care

Shurink Lifting Explained

Utilizes high-intensity ultrasonic energies.

 - Penetrates 1.5mm to 4.5mm deep into the skin.
 - Transfers heat to the dermis, hypodermis, and tissues near the muscle (SMAS).
 - Results in:
   - Lifting of the outer skin.
   - Tightening of the inner skin.
   - Smoothing of sagging chin, broadened follicle, and wrinkles.

Procedure Highlights

- Treatment duration: Less than one hour.
- Requires local anesthesia.
- Quick recovery time.
- No need for stitching.
- Offers immediate efficacy.
- Minimal downtime differs with clients (case by case).

Ideal Candidates for Shurink Lifting

- Those troubled by loss of skin elasticity.
- Individuals experiencing sagging skin.
- Those seeking wrinkle improvement.
- Individuals bothered by sagging facial skin.
- Those desiring a smooth V-line.
- People troubled by a double chin.
- Anyone looking for overall facial lifting.

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