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The Trinity Lift (Celebrity Lift): Advanced Skin Firming and Brightening

The Trinity Lift, also known as the Celebrity Lift, is a high-end, Korean triple wavelength laser treatment that operates on 755 nm, 808 nm, and 1064 nm simultaneously. This procedure excels in skin firmness improvement, lifting, tightening, and brightening, thanks to direct heating at selected tissue planes for instant and painless lifting.

Upon reaching human tissue, the energy from multiple wavelengths, each with unique skin absorption depths, is absorbed by the tissue's chromophore. This absorption creates a selective, broad-area effect, resulting in efficacy for pigmented lesions. The heat applied to the irradiated area allows for precise cutting, destruction, and removal of tissue.

Trinity's distinct technology accommodates a wide range of treatments suitable for all skin types, including lifting, double chin reduction, tightening, wrinkle improvement, hair removal, and skin brightening, among others.

Benefits of the Trinity Lift include:

- Balanced laser output of 10 HZ, eliminating the need for anesthesia
- A built-in cooling system for in-skin irradiation
- Procedures takes a mere 10-15 minutes
- A large 12x20 mm irradiation area for simultaneous irradiation of three wavelengths.

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