Revolutionary Double Chin Fat Dissolution Injection


   - A pioneering treatment to combat double chins.
   - Destroys fat cells beneath the chin with targeted injections.
   - Results tailored to individual facial profiles.
   - Addresses moderate to severe submental fat.

Understanding Kybella

   - Selected injection choice for double chin treatment.
   - Medically approved prescription.
   - Enhances profile and appearance of patients with moderate to severe submental fat.


   - Not suitable for those with infections, swelling, or bruising in the target area.
   - Inform healthcare provider of all current medications, especially blood-clot affecting ones.


   - Any past or planned surgical or cosmetic treatments on face, neck, or chin.
   - Known issues with swelling or bleeding.
   - Plans for pregnancy or current breastfeeding status.

Potential Side Effects

   Serious (though rare):

     - Nerve injury in the jaw causing uneven smile or facial muscle weakness.
     - Difficulty swallowing.
     - Complications at the injection site: hematoma, bruising/swelling, arterial or venous damage, hair loss, ulcers, tissue necrosis, or infection.


     - Swelling, pain, numbness, redness, and areas of hardness in the treatment area.


   - Reach out to healthcare provider for advice on potential side effects.

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