PDO Thread Lifting Procedure

 - Uses absorbable surgical sutures in the skin's subdermal layer.
 - Stimulates collagen production.
 - Enhances skin firmness and elasticity.
 - Outcomes vary; not guaranteed for every individual.
 - Multiple sessions might be necessary for desired results.

Potential Risks & Side Effects

 - Discomfort, scarring, bruising, swelling.
 - Infection, bleeding, damage to deeper structures.
 - Contraindications.
 - Allergic reactions: to tape, suture material, or topicals.
 - Additional treatment may be required.


 - Local topical anesthesia possible.
 - Risk of allergic reactions.
 - Treatment area may discolor (usually temporary).
 - Sun protection vital.

Limitations & Concerns

 - May not fully address facial laxity or sagging.
 - Delayed healing due to smoking or using a straw.
 - Potential minor asymmetry, redness, visible sutures.
 - Suture breakthrough might need further treatment or removal.

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